Dear Strangers

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"Life is a magical concoction of happiness, pain, laughter, tears and so much more. In the course of life, we are so busy fighting our own battles and celebrating our victories that we often forget that the story of this life can be a bestseller. The story of your life has the capability of bringing smiles as well as tears to thousands. It is powerful enough to inspire and offer aid to those stuck in problems similar to ours. It can either be a metaphor or an oxymoron to the reader, but is surely one worth reading. Dear Stranger consists of such experiences and stories of 14 soulful writers, who have taken a step forward to talk about their mistakes and flaws. They wish the readers to learn a lesson from these chapters of their life, and make their book of life, a best seller."


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ISBN: 978-81-946112-7-1 | Language: English | Pages: 79

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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