Swadha Singh

"My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers."

Swadha Singh, a 12th grade science student, hails from the city of Patna. She has been walking on this path of rhymes and verses for more than two years now, exploring new turns and edges almost every day. Poetry, undoubtedly, is the most beautiful thing that has happened to her. She has been a co-author for more than 10 books, and has written for an e-international magazine as well. She wants her writings to bring a change in this cosmos. She wants to be an example of someone who not only lives, but survives every day on this earth like a warrior. She wants a life where every sunset counts, either in victories or in lessons. She owes most of her life to her grandparents and parents, and the rest to some strange yet so known soul, and strives to make them proud one day.

Publisher BookSquirrel Publication
Number of Books 3