Life Tales

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It is a quotes book.People face so many worse situations and this will help them to heal.


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ISBN: 9789389106268 | Language: English | Pages: 98

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

19 review for Life Tales

  1. Abirami Hariprasad

    I had a wonderful opportunity to read life tales..it was definitely the choice of universe..a truly wonderful book for a heart which needs lot of support and acceptance. Anyone who has gone through and still goes through tough phases in life...will definitely relate and acknowledge the lines which resonate in these lovely book. Its in simple words and profound way of relation with everyday human emotional experience. Truly a good one

  2. Neha Rajput

    The lines are very heart touching, related to the real life situations and I loved it

  3. Nivedita Aggarwal

    One of the amazing book !!! Loved the content, thoughts and healing quotes. I recommend 'Lifetales' book to all the readers, that will surely heal your heart and give you a positive feel.

  4. Karan Bawa

    Amazing book, deep wording, totally in love with it

  5. Outstanding book....i love this book♥️♥️♥️

  6. Ashu

    Good read .... must buy

  7. Tanya

    The book is amazing Every single quote written in it shows the true Nd real world people It shows that people are not what they look . It's just loving

  8. anuroop

    best book ever, I loved ths book

  9. Disha

    It's a complete wrap of all true & deep emotions that we go through during our own life's tale . Friendship, love, agony & life all.....

  10. Anjali

    A must tead . Really tells you about different situations and experience in your life . A must must read .❤️

  11. Shalini

    every word in this book defined the true meaning of love, respect and trust

  12. vipin singh

    This book is so osmm and topics relate with my life. Those things happen with me.

  13. Shubham Bhatt

    This book is just awesome, when i read this book i forget all the tension and only feel the love......

  14. Sonali

    It is one of the best book I ever had read. All quotes are such amazing that they are just similar to my lifr. As if the book is written for me only. One should read .

  15. Sachin

    This book gives you a positive vibes .And this book also helps to change your life in postive way......This book is awesome book around all over world

  16. Sonia

    Quotes of this book are relatable to my life. These quotes beautifully describes the unsaid emotions of our life. When I read it first time.. I'm like yess... This happened me too... I also felt like this.

  17. Sahar

    Amazing book

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