Token Of Love

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"This Anthology ""TOKEN OF LOVE"" is a blissful Collections of Poems, Short Stories and Quotes Penned in Tamil and English by our young Talented and Lovely Authors from various Genres. Our world is like a Mini Heaven which is created by our God. Nature is a art of God. Each and every tiny things has its own beauty in their own way. We love to see Scenery and we are living with them everyday starting from Morning sunrise to Night time stars. Even the Seasons Have a special place in our heart. Nature always wears the Colors of the spirit, Seasons come and go but our love will always continue to grow. In that way ""TOKEN OF LOVE"" brings into notice about all the simple scenery Things like sunrise, Forest, Flowers, Bird's, waterfalls, mountains, Star's, rainbow, rains etc.... The four seasons Summer, Winter, Spring and autumn plays a major role in our earth to make ourselves happy and the love we have for them is true. The every secenry views attracts us and steals our heart. This book has been compiled by MS. BLESSY RANI JENEFER.S, She Compiled several Books. This ""TOKEN OF LOVE"" book is a Thanksgiving Book for our Earth Nature's and seasons which making us happy and to forget ourselves with Their lovely views. we are always Grateful for them for those wonderful beauty's around us. Live each moment and embrace the beauty of Nature. Reader's convey your One minute Thanks for our nature and seasonal beauties, Happy Reading."


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ISBN: 978-93-5452-161-4 | Language: English | Pages: 108

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