White Frugility vs Black Frailty

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"The book ""white fragility versus black frailty"" is an anthology which is compiled by author Nilanjana Sarkar from India. ""White frugality versus black frailty"" is composed of black theme in which the people in this book express about the pains and struggles that blacks undergo. The authors from China, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Canada have Solely participated and contribute it their amazing pieces in this book. I have never thought that I will compile a book which is going to be based on “WHITE FRUGILITY VS BLACK FRAILTY” and with so many foreign people and they will contribute their amazing work in this and there are more than 30 people who have contributed in this book with a very crucial theme about racism."


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ISBN: 978-93-90691-52-4 | Language: English | Pages: 92

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