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"Moments grow with passing time, relations tend to become weak with time, but some flash backs from our memory help us relive those precious magical moments that elevated us to be deliriously happy , made us feel more connected to our loved ones at a point of time in history. Nevertheless, we encapsulate all those memories close to our heart which open up the heavens for us while we reminisce about them and give us an euphora of time to relive each one of those unforgettable eternities. So, Join us, Dive with us into some of your memories, clinging beautifully like raindrops on the strings of time. Drop yourself into that forever seeming dreamy world with us while you go through every creation of this compilation. Feel the sensation, the adrenaline gush through your veins. Afterall, who doesn’t feel it when revisiting their own priceless jiffs?"


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ISBN: 978-93-90456-60-4 | Language: English | Pages: 143

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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