Ek safar kuch aisa bhi!

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The journey of life cannot be enclosed in a book all together as it as no boundaries. Although having no boundaries one can preserve their various memories which have played significant roles in this journey and added hills and valleys and made it a beautiful adventure. This book consists of my life experiences and moments of both happiness and sorrow that I have tried to put into words. This teen life teaches a lot to a person, a storm of variety of feelings happiness…. Sadness…. Love…. Hatred…. Betrayal… self love and many more and finally molds us in an adorable human yet with many scars . These poems and shayaris are my teen life penned into words…!


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ISBN: 9789390117321 | Language: Hindi | Pages: 83

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

1 review for Ek safar kuch aisa bhi!

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