The Gallery of Emotions

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"""THE GALLERY OF EMOTIONS This book is not just the compilation of the works of writers from all over India;It is a conglomeration of various perspectives, ideas and an insight about how differently and beautifully the authors' brains work. All of the beautiful quotes and poetries in this book together brings meaning and gives life to all human emotions, portraying them, just as if in a gallery. This anthology comprising of over 50 writers and 150 unique pieces is a must read. Through this book, the writers have expressed themselves in a manner, when no one is judging them. Through their creations, they have reflected themselves onto paper, creating harmony through their art. An anthology with an open theme is itself a great step towards helping the writers drive through on the road of passion and immortalize their words. This anthology compiled by Uthsha Chatterjee, is her debut anthology. She has beautifully dealt with all the complications and challenges placed in her way, to convert this into a success."""


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ISBN: 978-93-89106-98-5 | Language: English | Pages: 161

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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