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"The scope of the edited book, “An Insight into the LGBTQ+ Community and their Literature” is to discuss a comprehensive overview of various aspects of LGBTQ+ community. Our society is full of different types of people and different types of love, but we're still far behind when it comes to our knowledge of the various types of love that prevails; sometimes with acceptance and sometimes breaking the shackles of the societal customs. Who made these customs? Who decided the wrong and the right? And who gave them the right to decide? These all questions hover our minds when we come across the maltreatment of LGBTQ+ Community in the hands of the straight. Our literature is full of such writers and characters who belong to this community. This book is aimed to bring to front, such opinions and ideologies which represent a different scenario and through this book, we will try to get a deeper insight into the rainbow of LGBTQ+ community and their literature. "


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ISBN: 978-93-5452-534-6 | Language: English | Pages: 126

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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