Flourish your being

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This anthology deals with these very topics. The main themes are priority and growth, thus making the title of the book: “Flourish Your Being”. The authors have shared diligently, with utmost care and precision their deepest fears, their challenges of childhood and adulthood alike, their progress or self-growth and how their priorities changed over time and have shown how they overcame these hurdles that life threw at them. They have also talked about their dreams, and the hopelessness that comes when it seems as if the dream is unattainable. They have expressed the feeling of exhilaration they felt when they realized their self-worth while reminiscing about their life from the very beginning, thus explaining both the pessimistic and optimistic sides of themselves to which we all can relate with ease. The focus being sometimes more on the “dark side” of life, and expressing the anger and hurt in an intricate way while playing with words. As this dark part is also important; it is the struggle that makes us reach to a higher summit and makes us strong and resilient for further challenges in life and gives us the strength to face our problems, to be realistic instead of a procrastinator. Several of the authors have also pointed out about their relationships with other people, how the equations changed over time, how the people whom they have loved and on whom they had an unbreakable trust betrayed them, and how despite all this they decided to forgive them and move on. We hope this anthology will prove to be an inspirational piece of work, and that the readers will enjoy by connecting with the authors in their personal journeys. Some of the works are fictional, or modified.


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ISBN: 978-93-5452-519-3 | Language: English | Pages: 99

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