Maa Paa Story

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Maa Paa Story is a collection of poems, stories, articles and real life incidence which compiled by Abhilasha Uday Tiwari and Abhishek Kumar with a creative team of spectacular co-authors.It is dedicated to all single Mothers, fathers and parents. Hope their emotions touch your heart and will leave imprints of it. When it comes to parents each one of us becomes emotional as we have spend each moment from birth till now and after also. They are the support system of your life rather a lifeline for us.We are lucky to have parents in our life many don't have that luck too. So cherish what u have and take care of them in their second childhood. Don't ever leave them alone as they never left you alone when you where not independent. They have sacrificed a lot for you child. Happy reading dear readers.


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ISBN: 978-93-5452-752-4 | Language: English | Pages: 116

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