The Happiness Station

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We all at some point in our life experience fluctuations in our motivation and willpower. Sometimes we might feel fired up and highly driven to reach our desired goals, while at other times we might feel listless or unsure of what we want or how to achieve it. On days like these, it is important to understand what drives us to the point were we try to work on what we aspire. In this book, 38 fantastic writers have shared their journey and experiences that would help you take one step forward, towards your journey. This book would definately take all the readers on a ride of motivation, esctasy and ofcourse happiness. The Happiness Station is not just an Anthology, but a journey of writers that would aspire you and motivate you to do the best in all your endeavours. Whenever you feel demotivated and unhappy.. make sure to drop by at 'The Happiness Station'


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ISBN: 978-93-90484-56-0 | Language: English | Pages: 115

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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