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"“Only if you could hear my iced lips, Only if you could love me without the trips...” Sense the warmth of love through your soul that dwells inside you irrespective of darker and lighter shades of someone, who makes you feel blissful in between all the hustle. The pious love is something that is everlasting and exists even between that minimal space between your bones. The love that began with the first kiss, the love that was never meant to be, the love that broke hearts, the love that shattered dreams, the love that remained incomplete, the love that was all about happily ever after and the love that will keep the world revolving. “Till Grey” presents an amalgamation of open genre write-ups where the soul of authors from different spheres of life bleeds through their pen on the theme ""Everlasting Love"". With hues of love, splashes of sorrow and tinge of heartbreak, the book invigorates the spirit of never giving up on someone you love. For, the passionate and eternal love is beyond all reason."


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ISBN: 9789390458943 | Language: English | Pages: 223

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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