Inception De L'Amour

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"At every stage of life we meet new people, create new memories and a few of them make a permanent place in our heart, which is the origin of a beautiful bond in terms of LOVE! “Inception De L’Amour” is a collection of the beautiful writeups filled with nothing but just LOVE! All the emotions we experience in our life are depicted in this book in the form of stories. One can relive the moments of first love, first heartbreak, some unsaid words to long lost love and even the beautiful bonds that we share in this world. This book is a collection of stories which are sure to make you believe in relations and love. We would love to dedicate this book to all the special gems of life! The book is compiled by Ms. Nilima Shantayya Jangam with the help of Ms. Geetmalini, under the guidance of Ms. Srashti Behure."


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ISBN: 9789390726066 | Language: English | Pages: 138

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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