Bad Faith Buddy

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"""Friendship is a boat that never sinks"" because it's anchor is composed of trust and robust belief on each other. Friends can be our old benchmate, or the one who often lends us a free ride, or our pet who eagerly waits for the soft cuddle when we are home, or even an imaginary friend with whom we often share our experiences and make the funniest and at times the gravest conversations. 'Bad Faith Buddy', encompasses beautiful stories, poems and the pieces of memories that are sure to make you smile even in the dark. A book that will allow you to spread your arms open beneath the sky, studded with sparkling stars, all singing the glory of a genuine friend and the glory of real friendships, ones that you will be able to relate with! The book is compiled by Jennifer Lazarus under the auspices of Ms.Srashti Behure. Do read and cherish the teasure of true companionship."


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ISBN: 9789390726691 | Language: English | Pages: 240

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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