Amor De Madre

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"ममता के मंदिर की है तू सबसे प्यारी मूरत! भगवान नज़र आ जाए जब देखूँ तेरी सूरत!! Maa!! ❤ The only one person in the entire universe who will feel your pain even before you speak them out. How can I explain her in my words.? Even no One can explain their mom. She does anything and everything for her family. She is one of the most hard working person in whole world. There can be bad children but never a bad mother. Never! She finds happiness in our happiness and sadness in our sadness. Here is the book Amor De Madre which is compiled Jhanvi Sharma and Hynul Jaseena, where the co-authors have poured out their words, expressed their feeling, love and emotions for their mother in this book. They have penned down the emotions and feelings that speech couldn't suffice. The best writers have put up their best writings in a beautiful manner and gives the reader an immense pleasure of reading."


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ISBN: 9789390451791 | Language: English | Pages: 229

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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