Toast to a gentleman

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"""It's neither about presents nor dates. It's always about the gestures and the way he makes you feel safe!"" -Divya Renwa ""There are no restrictions for a man"", they said. But again, ""Men are not allowed to cry, be bold!"", they said. ""That is how you teach a man to be tough"" they said. ""That is how you be a hypocrite,"" I said. -Kishwar Parveen Shaik. ""The one who stands in the testing time is the one who fairs well in the test of time."" -Virma Jhingan. ""Play your part as good as you can, even if you are not crowned as a gentleman."" -Virma Jhingan. ""The man who knows how to make a woman happy with his moves, knows better than the move itself."" -Puspha ""Polite yet strong and making decisions for all - Gentleman."" -Girish Vyas."


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ISBN: 978-93-5452-010-5 | Language: English | Pages: 115

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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