Vartika Baral

"Benevolence is the best way to alter brittle mindsets! "

"Born and brought up under the shade of the Queen of hills - Mussoorie, Vartika Baral hails from the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand (India). Her endearing welcome into the world was warmly solicited by Mrs. and Mr. Ravi Kiran Baral, who were blessed on the fine rainy afternoon of July 11, 1999. The young woman entrepreneur and philanthropist is a commerce graduate with sheer interest in the fields of writing and philosophy. She's a women and child rights activist who harbours deep compassion for the plight of the underprivileged and actively engages in episodes of child psychology, health and nutrition. Besides her fondness for her vivid set of hobbies including aromatherapy, ‘tea-ology’ and organic cosmetology, she also identifies as a cartomancer (fortune teller) and projects strong spiritual beliefs. Her debut as an author is fuelled by her drive to bring about a revolution through her brilliant pieces of writing, thereby being enthroned as the wing woman of the modern era for bracing the flight of the conventional mindsets towards building a liberal community! "

Publisher BookSquirrel Publication
Number of Books 1