Prerna Mehta

"Assesment In Learning"

"Prerna Mehta is a Teacher by profession, writer by passion, M.Sc. Biotechnology (Gold Medalist), B.Ed. (final year) by qualification, motivational speaker and an emotional writer in her. She believes that everyone who are clinging with us is for a reason and somewhere before you have an emotional connection with them which was incomplete that time and now is the only time to continue and conclude it in beautiful way. Her debut book is Hidayat-e-dil; a Hindi shayari book, which is about a phase of life where everyone once in a life time go through it and which ultimately makes them what they are in present. This is her second book. ‘Expressing someone’s emotions is what makes a writer’. Language is not at all a barrier for expressing emotions unless it is from heart. If she ever got a boon to undo thing in her life, she will make herself practical with mind at early age of her life with a bit of emotional feel within her heart. “Emotions are directly or indirectly connected with our unconscious mind let it in a right path anyway.”"

Publisher FanatiXx Publication
Number of Books 1