Pathulothu kalyani

"she is author of mystery of success. ."

My name is Pathulothu Kalyani, and I am a BTech student at NIT Warangal in Telangana. I passed my intermediate at KLN Junior College. Miryalaguda, Nalgona (district), Telangana State. I am the proud daughter of Saida Naik and Bangari. I love to explore new things. I love to express my feelings through writing. I am the co-author of numerous books, including To save a Mockingbird, Moonlight, Far From Reality, Blossom Love with a Rose, and Inspire, among others. medal from Blossom Love with a rose and an inspiring book. This book is about my emotions during my struggle and a little bit about my life experiences that I faced. I hope you will learn something from this book. 

Publisher LETS WRITE
Number of Books 1