Unpenned Emotions

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"With our anthology Unpenned Emotions we want people around us to express their suppressed emotions it may be of any kind joy, love, revenge, hatred, self-motivation and etc. that they have bottled up over the course of time. Sooner or later our own suppressed emotions start choking us. With this book, we want to loosen up the leash and provide an escape route to those emotions not only to our writers but to our readers as well. So that people can connect and find a piece of themselves others and experience a feeling of belongingness. A feeling that there are people undergoing similar situations and they are no different, that there are people like them too, that they are not odd one out. Our book is no poetic masterpiece but it is full 'Emotions' of people like us which will take us to a beautiful roller coaster ride and pay a path towards self-liberation. "


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ISBN: 978-93-90328-10-9 | Language: English | Pages: 149

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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