Broken but beautiful

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"Some things become more valuable when broken. Like hearts, relationships and the broken hearts of people in these broken relationships." Life is all about a continuous cycle of meeting people, then being connected to them, then losing them, but the ones who stay forever with us, we find our happiness in them. Similarly, this anthology presents a compilation of life experiences and feelings written down from the bottom of the hearts of co-authors. This anthology contains poems, short stories, articles, shayaris and open letters on how life and love give us happiness but pain too, for the readers to relate, comprehend and rejuvenate their perspectives on live and learn from them as to how can they achieve happiness and pain from the same person, thing or relationship. A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind and heart, if you are beautiful from inside, you will reflect the same on the outside. A number of people come into your life, some will stay temporarily, while some will stay permanently. But, do not sit and wait for people to make them permanent in your life. Life will show many colors to you, it entirely depends upon how you react to everything. It is all about standing, falling, facing and fighting for your happiness. Through Broken But Beautiful, we have given our best to collect beautiful and diverse feelings and emotions in order to inspire, relate and know how to face everything and move on.


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ISBN: 978-93-5452-695-4 | Language: English | Pages: 154

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" My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers. "

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