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The journey from scribbler to author is always beautiful. It seems easy outside , but working for days, months, years to get your hardwork finally on paper is tedious. As an author, your hardwork’s basic requirement is to produce your book as well as build a strong network on social media/website in order to sell it.

The accomplishment of completing amazing work is such a proud moment which brings another challenge and complexity. Challenge of presenting your work in front of world.

The stage of making choices, and choices that will determine future of the hardwork you longed to do. You may now have multiple questions in your head.
Say it for making print ready manuscript ? Or What size shluld i design my cover? Or Does a book require an ISBN? Or how do i get ISBN allotted to my book? Or Should I approach and literary agent? To ample number of confusing questions.

Many answers can be given by traditional publisher! While self publishers would answer you, guide you and put forward even more information.

If major part of book publishing process is excelled by the author, than it is profitable to the author to opt for traditional publishing.

With Self publishing path, Author gets numerous professional services to get the hardwork finally to print.

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