"Not Avialable"

The writer born with dyslexia Who says life is a bed of roses! Well yeah, it might be but the ones with full of thorns. So has been the journey of this writer so far. Born with a silver spoon, Raghav is a Ludhianvi with a background of business class family status. But since childhood, he suffered for a rare disorder called dyslexia. In this, a person has a difficulty in reading because he/ she feels various alphabet with same sounds to similar to one another like e and i, f and ph etc. It is the same thing which is described in the movie “TARE ZAMMEN PAR” and here the role of his guide was played by his mom and he proudly dedicates all his success in the field of poetry to his mother. It all started with a small interest and a habit of talking to himself which gave the foundation of his first poem “ MAIN HOON JOOKER, MAIN HOON MAHAN” when he was only 5 years of age. Then this just got hidden in the burden of the society norms of english affiliated education and the words which he could not relate to. For a person for whom apple, aple ,alpe all sound apple and he wrote them indifferently in the same paragraph, education was not a happy and easy go ride. But from being promoted to third class to currently perusing MBA is a win win situation and a milestone achieved as per his family. This love for poetry came back to him in the second year of this graduation and he started noting down his poems in the notes application in his phone. He is also the winner of many business plan competitions and he believes some punch lines and impressive poetry starts and end of his speech have been a good help in the same. Later on he got an opportunity to write a script for the RANGMACH society of his college in final year and he wrote a NUKKAD NATAK and various jingles in the same. It was a great success and even got a lot of media coverage. From then, he continued to keep writing and during this lock down, he started his own Instagram poetry page and has won nation level competition for his poetry. He is a coauthor of 6 anthologies completed so far and a few coming up very soon. Also, he wrote his own poetry book under the name of khamoshiyan and also started compiling an anthology under the same name. Now he plans to focus his dreams of starting up a chain of cafeterias and provide employment opportunities to many people and also continue this crazy love for poetry.

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